Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Party!

For my son's 1st Birthday we did a Dr. Seuss party! I love everything Dr. Seuss!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Despicable Me Party!

My son loves Despicable Me so we themed his Party around that this year...

These are the little "Minions" who came... 

 We ordered Pizza, and had snacks from the movie including "Coconutties" and "Gru's Food for Kids" (aka Candy)

And of course we had minion cupcakes!
I like simplicity, so my birthday desserts are always something that can be done pretty easy. I bought blue and white frosted cupcakes at Sam's Club. I then bought twinkies (which I cut in half), smarties (for the eyes), black licorice (for the hair), and a black frosting tube to make the minion. Super easy and super cute!

I had little take home bags for each kiddo. Despicable Me 2 had just come out, so McDonald's had been having the Minion toys in their Happy Meals. I saved them up and gave one in each bag along with some other fun treats.

My husband is a plumber so we always have a plethora of boxes, so we had to make the "box of shame" :) The kids loved playing in it!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brother-in-law's Wedding!

My Brother-in-Law just got married! So much fun:) We didn't do a ton for the decor, her amazing mom put this vintage wedding together... we {and many others!} helped her decorate though, and we did make the table setting display! :) Our one addition I was very proud of! The whole wedding was so beautiful and pulled off great! Thought I'd share a few pics... so happy for them:)

Congrats you guys! We love you!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Construction Birthday Party!

My son's 5th birthday party! Construction theme:)
I made the invitation in about 20 minutes... I didn't have a lot of time, but I still liked it!

Each kid was given a construction hat, Lowe's aprons with their names on them, a ruler in the pocket, and safety goggles:) Love him! {Thanks Lowe's! They were awesome!}
This was our food... 'wrecking balls', 'caution cones', 'spare tires', 'studs', 'lumber', and then pizza!
 Loved how this cake turned out! Thanks to Grandma for putting my vision into reality, and Nana for the caution equiptment! :)
 Each kid was also given a build-a-school-bus kit {also Lowe's!} They had a blast putting them together... my hubby rocks!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Med School Going Away Party!

This was a going away party for my brother-in-law as he went off to medical school... It was so much fun to put together with my mother-in-law! He loved it! It would be fun to do for a graduation party too...I'm not sure how we are going to top ourselves though;)

 We just got red and white balloons and drew the crosses on with red permanent markers. Worked great! Although they're a little uneven:)
 Halloween skeleton darned with his lab coat and a kid doctors kid courtesy of the dollar store:)
 The food was a blast!
Yellow lemonade bottles with each "patients" name written on them for urine samples. The urinal was for refills:)
 Blood bags are just liquid candy we picked up at a party store, "Fundaze" in Clearfield.
 Beakers with ketchup and mayonaise we got from a Zurchers party store in their Halloween stuff. Along with mustard in medicine droppers with tongue depressers to help spread:)
 These were their "pills"...
 As you can also see we created RX pads with what his Dr. name on them and the food label with directions on how to take each one... it was fun to come up with the wording!

 We had "stool samples", "cotton balls", and "heartburn" for some treats:)
 These were cupcakes with the frosting in the design of a the heat they softned a little, but they were still stinkin cute!
 And each table was decorating with more medical equipment!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Camping/Hunting Birthday Party!

This was one of the funnest birthday parties I've done for my boys! My sons 4th birthday party:) Camp Hunter!

 This was posted on the front door to tell guests where to go {I just downloaded a fun font online and freehanded the rest of the map}... follow the birthday trail...
 It was easy to find decor, because it was just all our camping, and outdoor equipment!
 I used camo table cloths, with hunting equipment on top of each and little bugs I got at the dollar store
 The food was easy and super fun for the kids! What kid doesn't like a hot dog??

 We played the funnest games with the kids! The first was Shoot the Buck. We had little kids bows and even the plastic play ones for the littler kids who wouldn't be able to pull back the real one:) They loved this! My hubby helped of course!

 Then we played Fish for Treats....
 We also played a Animal Find Game {the pictures didn't turn out so good cause it was getting dark at that point:)} The kids loved racing around the yard looking for all the "wild" animals we hid!
 And, of course no outdoor party is complete without a campfire!:)